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We still have hope

Rédigé par patient benjamin apollinaire Publié dans #education

There will always be a pull toward life in us

There will always be a vain hope

There will always be a cloud way

There will always be an unknown paradise

There will always be someone for you

There will always be a morning

There will always be an end

Do you want to say, I am dreaming?

We all need to dream

We all need a dream

We all have to dream

We all have a dream

We do not have to sleep for us to dream

Do you know why a dream is important?

Because Africa is a dream!!!

All we need is a dream

A dream of hope

A dream of courage

A dream of strength

A dream of nothing

A dream of nothing is it not amazing!

Yes it is amazing, but it keeps us smiling

Smile is all we need and all we posses

It is a treasure we cannot value

It is what we receive as heritage

It is what we share

It is a sign of wealth

It is a sign of health

It is a sign of strength

It is a sign of faith

Africa is not the color, the land, the minerals, the culture… it is first the heart and the soul of all who has got the chance to experience Africa,

Je ne dis pas faire un safari en Tanzanie, ou etre sur les plages de Mombasa, no no no, it is first of all be with people not to help them or trying to be a kind gentlement not at all but be with their soul, not by curiosity but by faith.

We live by faith and through faith we still African

Some will make a list of what makes life but we, we live life, we welcome it as a mystery as a gift as a blessing.

Yes we do complain, about it? No, about what is coming with it

Mitwele will always say: uko sawa muzungu; when you are acting contrary to what is expected from you.

Not that you are special but out of the place where you belong.

Africa is a sign of the presence of a supreme being among us

Turn on your television the only headline will be death, disease, and refugee and so on and so forth! What you don’t see is bigger than your gift and mercy to our condition.

Do you know is it the same blood and sweat that cultivate your plantation, and harvested rubber for you and the same blood is making your weapon industries to run and maintain employment .

The smile is the hope of a brighter day

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